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At Semikolon, we believe that special moments - and how we preserve them - bring joy and meaning to our lives. That is the reason why our products are made using traditional craftsmanship with high quality materials - following a pioneering design in a choice arrangement of colors. Semikolon preserves your most valuable moments and helps you tell the story associated with every photo, word, or keepsake that has entered your life. 

The Heritage Line

Clear design and the highest quality: The Heritage Line continues to carry popular semikolon products that are now stationery classics. With new colors, newly designed packaging, and a number of new, innovative details, we are now embarking on another chapter in their success story. 

Classic Leporellos

Our Leporellos offer space for many personal memories. The distinctive ribbon to tie it closed is both decorative and practical. Handcrafted in high quality book linen and available in two sizes. 

Album Classic Finestra

An album that offers a lot of creative freedom: A photo or labelled card can be inserted into the front cover. Additional features include a high quality linen book covering, creamy white cardstock, and sheets of fine glassine paper to protect 160 photos in 10 x 15 format. Handcrafted.

Mucho Albums

A true classic: This photo album, with spiral binding and a high quality linen cover is the perfect place for personal memories. There is plenty of space for beautiful and memorable moments on 90 pages of black ro creamy white cardstock and in two practical pockets. Available in two sizes.

Doppio Picture Frames

The special thing about this picture frame is that it's both very decorative and portable, making it easy to take with you. It not only looks good but will also appeal to you with its high quality craftsmanship and book linen cover. A magnetic closure protects the frame and contents from damage while traveling.

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